Is your logistics partner meeting all of your e-commerce needs?

Running a company can be stressful – new products, new customers, new challenges. Where are you storing your products? How are you getting them to your customers? Solving these problems on your own can be a management nightmare, not to mention time consuming and expensive. No need to worry – Bluegrass has you covered. We specialize in Making Better and Meaningful Relationships with our clients, meaning we design your supply chain for you! As a company, Bluegrass is dedicated to bringing our customers a premier logistics solution so that you can focus on growing your business, while we manage your logistics.

From rolling out a new product line on your e-commerce site, to getting fresh food to your customers – Bluegrass has your storage, fulfillment, and transportation services covered. Marketing a product in the world of the internet can be easy, but getting it from point A to point B in the real world can be hard. At Bluegrass we already have an efficient solution for you using our omni-channel fulfillment strategies. No matter what fulfillment methods you require, be it trucking, parcel shipping, storage, food grade transportation, and much more, Bluegrass has a value-added solution for you. Our ever-expanding territory of warehouses means that your products are always close to your customers. In fact, we can reach over 60% of the US population within a two-day parcel shipment! This level of efficiency has been achieved by addressing the T3 strategy: touch, travel, and time. These are three unavoidable aspects of any supply chain, and we have solutions for each of them.

BSC Employee packing shipment for trucking

At Bluegrass, one of our core values is to Make Better. One unique way we accomplish this goal is our new warehouse parcel-movement system. Using autonomous driving technology, these self-driven robots move requested items which helps to drastically reduce travel time. A conventional warehouse system may transport products like a grocery store, finding products in random orders across the warehouse. Through innovative processes at Bluegrass, we can maximize efficiency by addressing the core logistical concepts of touch, travel, and time. We strive to innovate and have found new ways to provide our clients a premium logistics solution. Our omni-channel logistics solutions allow our clients to view and manage their inventory in real-time with zero hassle so you can adapt to your needs on the fly. By providing our clients with live data about their usage, inventory, current demand, and more, we provide you both the tools and solutions you need to be prepared for anything. Whether it be e-commerce shipping, food-grade logistics, or anything in between, Bluegrass has the experience, qualifications, and certifications to ensure your products and customers are protected and where they need to be. Making a better tomorrow and Meaningful Relationships with our clients is Bluegrass’ key mission. Being able to quickly adapt to changes in the online and real-world space is what makes us a unique company. Whether you need more shipping or less shipping, more storage or less storage, Bluegrass is ready to go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive a premium logistics solution. Our omni-channel fulfillment capabilities allow us to ship your products directly to big box retailers, customer addresses, and any other location you may need. At Bluegrass we are not just your fulfillment provider, we are your fulfillment partner.