“Fulfilment services need to be agile, innovative, and efficient to thrive in a changing economy.” – John Higgins CEO

Time, travel, and touch … These three factors – deemed by us as “T3” – are permanent realities of any supply chain. 

Time is required for anything to be moved, Travel is required to get an item where it needs to go, and Touch is required for any of the aforementioned. Minimizing these three factors is how Bluegrass works at peak efficiency to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of your business.

Saving time = saving money. It’s that simple! 

When you work with Bluegrass Supply Chain, your project turnaround time can be as little as 30 days. Before you know it, we have your product stored and moving across the country. With our in-house transportation corporation, Bluegrass Dedicated, we handle your storage needs in one place and minimize unnecessary changes. 

Bluegrass Supply Chain Locus AI Robots

Bluegrass creates time through innovation. 

Traditional warehouse systems may send one employee on a warehouse – wide search to find different components of a new order… Not at Bluegrass.

Our facilities use new, state of the art Ai driven robots to approach our employees and give them a list of ordered items. These items are then placed into a bin. Once the order is complete, the robot then takes the filled bin to our fulfillment team, and sends your order to its destination. This is just one example of a streamlined workflow that sets us apart from our competitors.

In addition to continuous innovation, our flexible business model can change according to your needs. 

Finding warehouse space and fulfilment options can be a major headache. 

How much space is needed? What if you don’t have enough product? Can I get my orders to their end user? These are just some of the complex questions companies face when searching for a logistics solution. 

As a customer-oriented company, we see your problems as our opportunities. Your organization doesn’t have to struggle with the challenges associated with storage, warehousing, ecommerce, omnichannel fulfilment, or transportation. Let Bluegrass be your solution.  

At Bluegrass, our goal is to be the premier, end-to-end, supply chain service provider.

From innovation to customer satisfaction, bringing our clients the best quality service is our mission. The T3 model is just one example of one of our core values – “Passion for Progress”.  

We invite you to contact Bluegrass Supply Chain to see how the power of T3 innovation can transform your business!