The opportunity to turn a temporary employment position into a long-term leadership role.
Receiving carefully assembled parts, in sequence, at exactly the right time.
Finding success with the same logistics solutions provider for over 15 years.

What might sound like far-fetched corporate fairytales are actually true examples of the M3 Mission in action at Bluegrass Supply Chain Services and Bluegrass Dedicated. But what is the M3 Mission?

Meaningful Relationships

Most of us spend more time at work than with our families. Our goal as a company is to form Meaningful Relationships with our coworkers and associates, positively impacting their lives in the process. That same level of consideration is applied to our clients as we take time to listen to their needs and work to ensure a job well done. By genuinely caring about each individual we encounter and finding ways to further their career through professional development, we cultivate those relationships from the start.

Make Better

Whether it’s a chance to increase the efficiency of a job or an idea to help reduce stress in the workplace, our team members know an opportunity for improvement when they see it. Our goal at Bluegrass is to continuously improve everything we encounter, including our people.


Making life better for our clients and employees while serving a greater purpose is a mission we take very seriously at Bluegrass. By providing a daily positive example and spiritual resources, we take time to foster not only the physical well-being of our team and patrons, but their emotional well-being as well.

In a nutshell, the M3 Mission means acting with integrity in every possible way. At Bluegrass Supply Chain Services and Bluegrass Dedicated, we aim to do the right thing – always.


“These are people who will stand behind you. People that will encourage you. People that will lift you up. People that will help you move forward and accomplish the things that you want to.”


“This company has a lot of growth. A lot of opportunity, a lot of diversity. I love that the management are willing to promote from within… They give you the opportunity to grow.”

Volunteering in our community is just one way that we get to see our mission in action! 
Chaplain Program

Our Chaplain program encompasses the values of M3 – Meaningful Relationships, Make Better, and Ministry. It’s our goal to focus on the wellbeing of our employees!

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