Is your Third Party Logistics Provider certified?

Keeping consumers safe should be the top priority of every third party logistics provider (3PL), complimenting core values of the customers who choose to partner with them. However, not all 3PL’s guarantee that food products are audited and regulated by the most rigorous standards in order to meet this goal. Additionally, very few look to protect the bottom line and liability of customers.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case: Bluegrass Supply Chain can meet all of these objectives and much more.

Certified by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Bluegrass Supply Chain remains fixated on proper personnel practice, maintenance, cleaning, pest maintenance, and overall food safety programs.

“What is AIB?”

For more than 100 years, AIB has been the leading name surrounding inspections of food products and training the employees who handle them, as well as providing the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS). In the United States, these standards have an overwhelming market share and are observed by the best manufacturers, integrating consistency across the entire supply chain.

Most notably: AIB standards are tough, but that is why regular audits and a rigorous points system has grown AIB to be a globally recognized and respected organization.

Incorporating such practices into every step of the supply chain itself not only ensures safety, but keeps the flow of products easy and efficient.


Bluegrass Supply Chain follows the most critical safety regulations with Food-Grade Warehousing services, simultaneously and steadily protecting consumers and customers. Our fulfillment centers are always fresh and free of concern: making us the obvious and optimal partner in Food-Grade Warehousing!

Bluegrass Supply Chain invites you to learn more about our credibly certified and safety-oriented Food-Grade Warehousing services – check out the button below to learn more.