Our leadership team is a great metaphor for what we do as a company. Each member provides a different, indispensable perspective to achieve results that exceed expectations.

meet the leadership team

Effective leadership with a growth mindset is essential to outstanding performance at a large scale. Besides providing direction on complex projects while maintaining a safe work environment for their people, our leadership team is constantly seeking out ways to increase productivity and improve each stage of the process. Because we know that development is just as important for our people as it is for our business, we encourage our employees to step into leadership roles every chance we get. Our core values state that your success is our success, so we’re proud to provide all Bluegrass employees with the opportunities and support necessary for professional advancement. 

John Higgins


Cindy Lawrence

Chief Financial Officer

Drew Goins

Chief People Officer


VP of Operations

Paul Withrow

President of Bluegrass dedicated
Supply Chain