Information that is gathered from visitors.

In common with other websites, log files are stored on the web server saving details such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit.

Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences when interacting with the website.

Where registration is available, the visitor’s email and a username will be stored on the server.

How the information is used.

The information is used to enhance the visitor’s experience when using the website to display personalized content, load faster and increased accessibility.

E-mail addresses will not be sold, rented, or leased to 3rd parties.

In the case of opt-in to our newsletter, e-mails may be sent to you about news of our company, services we offer or other potentially promotional material.


Cookies are small digital signature  files stored by your browser that allow websites to record your preferences when visiting them. 

They can also be used to track repeated visits to certain websites.

3rd party advertising companies can also use cookies to track how you behave on websites.

Google Analytics, Google Ads & Other Web Tools

Google use’s cookies to serve ads to visitors based on their internet browsing history. If you wish to opt out of this, visit Google’s ad and content network privacy policy.

Our site utilizes Google Analytics, as well as other analysis tools, to track user behavior, interactivity and activity on the website. These tools allow us to see analytics such as: where visitors come from, countries of visitors to our site, what links are being clicked, etc… we DO NOT  track user’s personal data such as name, address, etc.