Is your Third Party Logistics Provider capable?

Responsibility and efficiency are simple necessities in the world of logistics management. However, there are added measures that should be taken in optimizing the omnichannel and supply chain of clients – especially when it comes to Food-Grade Warehousing.

For example, to build a seamless experience from start to finish, the following needs must also be accounted for:

  • Following a FIFO (“First In, First Out”) process that ensures proper inventory rotation
  • Experience with omni-channel support, as well as EDI/eCommerce parcel shipments
  • A flexible system that reduces stress and increases long-term revenue of clients
  • The ability to warehouse your products, grow with your company, and meet required warehousing certifications

While this may seem like a lot for a 3PL to promise, Bluegrass Supply Chain can deliver them all and much more with safe, effective, and efficient Food-Grade Warehousing services.


Responsiveness is a key feature for a 3PL to offer, especially for Food-Grade Warehousing, but unfortunately one that many fail to achieve.

However, Bluegrass Supply Chain is always available and on top of timelines.

With accurately automated tracking features, Bluegrass Supply Chain remains prepped to quickly quarantine products in case of FDA recalls or other concerns, even in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. We realize that the ability to fulfill such tasks directly affects public health and the liability of clients, so utmost importance is placed on the ability to locate and remove any health violations as quickly as possible.  


After food products are properly stored and accounted for, the final step is efficient distribution and easy transportation.

Fortunately, Bluegrass Supply Chain offers in-house truck transport, ending the anxiety that comes with marrying separate warehousing and trucking partnerships.

By working together, sharing the same service and support, and operating the finest equipment and GPS technology, no more “finger-pointing” will occur with conflicting companies.

Instead, Bluegrass Supply Chain further optimizes and holds accountable each piece of the omni-channel and supply chain – from warehousing to the front door of happy customers.


Capable to handle all Food-Grade Warehousing needs – from providing a safe and secure facility to subsequent traceability and transport: that is Bluegrass Supply Chain.

We invite you to learn more about the many advantages of choosing Bluegrass Supply Chain as your Food-Grade Warehousing provider.